Packed with natural antioxidants and enzymes from hibiscus, pomegranate, tomato and papaya extract to help energize and brighten. With uplifting notes of geranium, this superfood mask will leave your skin feeling toned and balanced. Perfect for any skin type. INGREDIENTS: • Colloidal Oatmeal • Organic Pomegranate • Organic Hibiscus Flower • Organic Carrot Powder • Papaya Extract • Organic Tomato • Organic Guar Gum • Geranium Oil (Note: our 45g jar is packaged in an English/French bilingual box, and refillable bulk will be packaged into one glass amber jar) Each jar has enough for 14-16 uses. 

Mix 1 teaspoon powder and 2 teaspoon of water/tea/honey/yogurt to customize!