Feeling achy or sore? Magnesium deficiency may be the reason!

Magnesium is a necessary mineral for hundreds of critical reactions within the body, and even a slight deficiency can lead to headaches, cramping and other discomforts. This amazing magnesium oil is a great way to help maintain proper magnesium levels and enjoy soft, smooth skin.

In addition to magnesium, this product also contains different blends of essential oils

Ingredients : magnesium chloride, distilled water, essential oils

***New to Magnesium? Test a small amount on your skin before using all over your body. If you have never used topical magnesium before, you might feel a tingling sensation. This is totally normal and will go away with time. As with all products, discontinue use if you develop any kind of rash.*** 

Essential Oil Blends :

Allergy Relief - Organic Essential oils of Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint (safe to use on children 10 years+) Use with caution if pregnant or nursing.

Anxiety Blend - Organic Lavender, Frankincense & Bergamot (safe to use on children 2 years+) This blend contains oils that make the skin more photosensitive. Use with caution in the sun.

Calming Blend - Organic Lavender (safe to use on babies 3 months+)

HOW TO USE : Shake the bottle before each use. Apply to desired location. Decongestant blends can be applied to chest or feet before bed.

Comes in a 1/3 oz reusable roll-on glass bottle