Priestess potion is a venus // mars inspired essential oil+herbal+rose quartz infused blend intended to channel your own internal flame, attract love into your life, encourage self-love, and feel sexy all around. This feminine floral scent of Rose Absolute+Jasmine Absolute+Patchouli+Ylang-Ylang and several other essential oils to maintain its mystery allow you to feel love for yourself and others.

Rub onto pulse points, bottoms of feet, behind ears, on neck, or on your heart chakra. Just don't use on any mucus membranes!!

For external use only. Never EVER ingest essential oils. Always consult with your medical practitioner of choice before using aromatherapy/essential oils especially if you have epilepsy, liver disease, or use topical medications. Do not use while pregnant or breast feeding. Keep out of reach of children & little ones. If you have any allergies or skin sensitives, do a skin patch test first before using this product. This product is not intended to treat or cure any known chronic illness.