Feel fresh and smell good all day with these easy to use roll on perfume oils from Farm + Sea. Available in several scents, these easy to use perfumes will linger on your skin all day.

  • Made with cosmetic-grade, phthalate-free fragrance oils and skin-friendly coconut oil.

  • Net weight: .3 oz.

  • Dimensions: Each roller bottle is 3 1/4" high, including cap

Scent choices:

  • Beach Girl a true beachy scent; think suntan oil and sun-kissed skin

  • Beach Rose beach roses balanced with citrus creates a bright, pretty floral

  • Citrus + Sugar a fresh, sweet mix of citrus and sugarcane

  • Grapefruit + Ginger a fantastic, complex blend of grapefruit and ginger with a light musk drydown

  • Islander fruity melon and coconut milk...Completely addictive!

  • Lavender + Coconut calming lavender and chamomile combine with creamy coconut into a relaxing scent

  • Saltwater fresh sea air, sea grass, and a bit of sweetness

  • Vanilla + Patchouli a unique blend of vanilla and just a hint of earthy patchouli. Sexy & alluring