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These small bowls are hand built and molded over top of an authentic sea biscuit sand dollar shell. The rim is dotted in Bermuda Blue and finished with a food safe white opal glaze. Each bowl measures approximately 4 inches wide.

They are made from slabs of clay. The maker loosely traces around the shell of a sea biscuit sand dollar and mold the clay on the shell to give it the overall shape and design. Then she dots the rim with Bermuda Blue or White and Black textured detail and makes sure to smooth all the edges and bottom. The inside is finished with a natural white glaze and the outside is left smooth and bare.

Use these for soap dishes, spoon rests, or spice dishes. They are the perfect accent to any coastal home.

Because all the work is handmade, each piece may vary slightly in size or color than the photograph. This is what makes each piece unique and beautiful!

Safe for food, liquid, microwaves and dishwashers.