NextHome StoneLeaf Realty Core 4

Connect, Serve, Grow & Lead Southern Oregon Real Estate

Here at NextHome StoneLeaf Realty we are committed to our Core 4: Connect, Serve, Grow & Lead Southern Oregon Real Estate

Connect – Our goal is to connect and cultivate positive and productive relationships with our clients, industry colleagues and our community. We connect by reaching out and maintaining a positive attitude, integrity, respect and keeping a heart of gratefulness.

Serve – At NextHome StoneLeaf Realty we are confident in the services we provide and strive for professional excellence in all that we do. We believe real estate should be more about consulting and to serve rather than “selling”. When we consult and serve, we are putting our clients best interest in the forefront. Thus, putting our clients first and foremost #1!  In order to achieve this, our agents maintain the balance of working out in the field, connecting and providing exceptional service while being flexible with technology, utilizing cutting edge tools and resources to provide better service for our clients.

Grow – NextHome StoneLeaf Realty is a tech-forward company encouraging positive growth and we are the next generation of real estate brokerage. We empower our agents by providing resources, training, education, mentoring while encouraging the use of up-to-date technology.

Lead – “Our values are the soul of our leadership, and they drive our behavior”. We lead by example with transparency and authenticity. NextHome StoneLeaf Realty is big on maintaining a family atmosphere while providing training, mentoring and leadership to our agents.

Connect, Serve, Grow & Lead Southern Oregon Real Estate

NextHome StoneLeaf Realty services the Southern Oregon area. From Ashland to Shady Cove, our passion for Southern Oregon real estate along with our core values is what sets us apart from the average real estate brokerage.

Why the name StoneLeaf you ask? We chose StoneLeaf to represent our strong solid foundation while we are always striving for growth in education, experience, connections and numbers.

We are always looking to grow. NextHome StoneLeaf Realty is currently recruiting friendly and experienced real estate agents. If you are dedicated on building a successful real estate career and you are looking for a brokerage you can Connect, Serve, Grow & Lead in Southern Oregon Real Estate then please give us a call or email today!    More information